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How and When to Lie - Five Tips

How and When to Lie – Five Tips

Honesty is both the bedrock and the lava of all relationships. Honesty either burns you or keeps your relationship rock solid.  You need to know when to lie.

I lied so get over it. Emotional Fitness Thoughts

Leadership gurus starting with  parents, teachers, preachers, bosses, coaches, and ending with politicians caught up in the happiness craze believe when the truth might hurt, lies are better. Not my idea of…

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How To Tell Fact From Fiction - Five Tips

How To Tell Fact From Fiction – Five Tips

Thinking about personal ideas of “what is” versus reality  improves self-awareness, a key #emotionalintelligence skill that  grows as you grow.

Life's hard, grow up

Growing up means seeing what is, not what we hope is. Many of us fail to make that leap.

Emotional Fitness thoughts

Once survival is assured, most human behavior gets driven by  the quest for pleasure. We follow our heart and its desires.   What does that…

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How to know who to trust

How to know who to trust

How do you size someone up when first meeting them?  Do you let your instincts guide you? Listen to your heart? Create labels in your mind? Shame on you.



Today’s Word Press Prompt posed this:  Litmus, Litmus on the Wall –  If you had to come up with onequestion, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just…

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How To Get the Real You Respected

How To Get the Real You Respected

Who are you? The person your family knows? Your friends? Your boss? Your enemies?  The you inside?  The you you hide? News flash you are all of those.

Cartoon. Are we who others say we are or ourselves.


The shrinks debate about whether we are one authentic self or a thousand self’s depending on the context and  the audience. I don’t know that we are a thousand self, but I do know we are more than one.

Today’s W…

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How to keep old friends

How to keep old friends

People change.  I married a Viet NamWar protesting hippy guy who seems to have morphed into Tea Party Man. Married for over forty years. Here’s how.

Love and hate

emotional training thoughts and tip

The longer the relationship, the more intense the relationship, the more likely loving feelings will compete regularly with hateful feelings. But the best relationships are glued together wih love. Parents  know…

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How To Find Beauty

How To Find Beauty

Today’s Word Press Daily Prompt asked if beauty is in the eye of the beholder or not. Be With Beauty is an emotional fitness exercise that answers “Yes.”

Roots as beauty


Beauty is all around, but only if you have trained your eyes to see.  Faux beauty is promoted on the media and helps the cash registers ring.  The cosmetic business makes millions and I bet you can name others making money by…

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How to defeat “To Do List” over load

How to defeat “To Do List” over load

As an old lady with way too much  to do and way too little time left, I would be bald from tearing my hair if I hadn’t become a professional procrastinator.


There is always too much to do, particularly when it comes to what you want to do, then the things you must do get in the way.  Still they must be done.

Emotional fitness thoughts and tips

This post was inspired by  blogger mesardonicmesarca…

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Remembering 9/11

It snowed and snowed, the whole world over, Snow swept the world from end to end. A candle burned on the table; A candle burned.                                                                                    Boris Pasternak

The spewing of ashes from the 911 attacke.

Not snow, but smoke, ash, bodies, buildings falling. Lives suddenly taken and after  candles were lit.  Hands reached out, humankind’s better side worked to master  the…

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How To Deal With Jealousy

How To Deal With Jealousy

Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, The Egyptians and the Jews; Modern Anti-Semitism.  Don’t believe the Bible is the word of God? You are not alone.

Cartoon reporting what some beleive is true about the Bible

Some Jews believe the Torah was delivered personally to Moses; others are less sure, many do not even believe in God.  I am somewhere between.  But I do believe the strength of the Jews comes from centuries of Torah study. That is also a major source of…

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How to Win Life’s Lottery

How to Win Life’s Lottery

I won the lottery. Not that one. The one that gets me through all that is hard about this life. I don’t have all the answers, but know a bit of luck is needed.

Insurance cancelled to top off a bad day.Hope you laughed a little for laughing at both life’s absurdities and yourself is a major Emotional Fitness Training skill.  Doing so is a matter of skill and can be learned. However, to survive really bad days more is needed.


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