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How To Find Beauty

How To Find Beauty

Today’s Word Press Daily Prompt asked if beauty is in the eye of the beholder or not. Be With Beauty is an emotional fitness exercise that answers “Yes.”

Roots as beauty


Beauty is all around, but only if you have trained your eyes to see.  Faux beauty is promoted on the media and helps the cash registers ring.  The cosmetic business makes millions and I bet you can name others making money by…

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How to defeat “To Do List” over load

How to defeat “To Do List” over load

As an old lady with way too much  to do and way too little time left, I would be bald from tearing my hair if I hadn’t become a professional procrastinator.


There is always too much to do, particularly when it comes to what you want to do, then the things you must do get in the way.  Still they must be done.

Emotional fitness thoughts and tips

This post was inspired by  blogger mesardonicmesarca…

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Remembering 9/11

It snowed and snowed, the whole world over, Snow swept the world from end to end. A candle burned on the table; A candle burned.                                                                                    Boris Pasternak

The spewing of ashes from the 911 attacke.

Not snow, but smoke, ash, bodies, buildings falling. Lives suddenly taken and after  candles were lit.  Hands reached out, humankind’s better side worked to master  the…

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How To Deal With Jealousy

How To Deal With Jealousy

Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, The Egyptians and the Jews; Modern Anti-Semitism.  Don’t believe the Bible is the word of God? You are not alone.

Cartoon reporting what some beleive is true about the Bible

Some Jews believe the Torah was delivered personally to Moses; others are less sure, many do not even believe in God.  I am somewhere between.  But I do believe the strength of the Jews comes from centuries of Torah study. That is also a major source of…

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How to Win Life’s Lottery

How to Win Life’s Lottery

I won the lottery. Not that one. The one that gets me through all that is hard about this life. I don’t have all the answers, but know a bit of luck is needed.

Insurance cancelled to top off a bad day.Hope you laughed a little for laughing at both life’s absurdities and yourself is a major Emotional Fitness Training skill.  Doing so is a matter of skill and can be learned. However, to survive really bad days more is needed.


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How to Endure the Unendurable

How to Endure the Unendurable

Watching children die? Watching bombs fall? Guns killing? A loved one dying? Your own approaching death?  Hungry, homeless, ill?  How do you go on?

Quotes about living

You endure the unendurable mostly by putting one foot in front of the other, and when that is not possible, just standing what I call “Dead in the water” for a

What is unendurable?  Events that change you forever. Such life blows  can be something as…

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Ten Tips to Defeat Shame, Acting is One

Ten Tips to Defeat Shame, Acting is One

We are all actors and our greatest performances sometimes last a life time because of what shame says hide.

Joke about being invisible used to make a point about how we hide ourselves.

Emotional Fitness Training Thoughts and Tips

Acting is work, it means putting on make-up, dressing for the role, learning lines, being directed by others, and adhering to script.  Useful for entertaining others, but not always useful for our souls.

Reality check:In living life there are…

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How to Keep Your (Inner) Child Happy

How to Keep Your (Inner) Child Happy

In the much-loved movie Big an apparent adult is a child, a happy.  This post is about how keep to our inner child alive and happy even when old and gray.

Not grown up by t0, no need to keep trying

Emotional Fitness Thoughts and Tips

Okay, first let’s get a few things straight.  Children are being romantically elevated by the “Don’t trust those over thirty” crowd.  Watch the commercials that have  kids driving cars, and lecturing grown…

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How To Make a Job You Hate Bearable

How To Make a Job You Hate Bearable

Notice, I did not promise much, just to make a job you hate bearable. Expecting too much makes life unbearable.


Image from http://www.brucesallan.com/

Nothing erodes contentment as fast as false expectations. With today’s job market, nothing seems to hold out greater expectations than getting that degree. What to do?

Three Emotional Fitness Tips

Tip one:  Hold fast to the reality that a job is a…

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How to Make Super Nice - Sharing Secondhand Praise

How to Make Super Nice – Sharing Secondhand Praise

Face to  face compliments are easily discounted, particularly those from parents or to bosses. Passing on another’s  praise is not so easily brushed aside.



All parents should read this post. Why? Well, I knew my youngest was entering the teen years although he was only eleven. How?  I praised him and he groaned.

Then he said: “You’re just my Mom.”

Ouch, but some  good…

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